Custom Photo Charms

YOUR photos always carry a special meaning, as does this unique custom made bracelet.

Rose Chintz China

Fine china shards hand cut and hand set to create a truly unique bracelet.

Vintage Heritage

Hand silver soldered mementos of buttons, scrabble tiles, typewriter keys, coins, etc.

Glitter Stix

Personalized achievement charms.  A fun way to remember a special day or milestone in life.

Latest Creations

cont... They have the ability to tell a story unique to the owner, which makes them so intriguing and personal.  Intertwined photo charms with elements of the past and present tells a story that evokes that old world elegance, yet in a modern style.

The charm hunter searches for charms, china and vintage elements to create stunning one-of-a-kind jewelry treasures that can't be duplicated.  Each is a handcrafted original.

Enjoy your browse :)  Feel free to email me with any questions or special requests.

The charm hunter searches for charms, china and vintage elements...

The Charm Hunter

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